Frequently Asked Questions - Speaking

Q: What equipment and accommodations do your require for your speaking events?

Linda can adjust to any situation or limitation in her speaking venues however; there are a few things that will make her presentation much, much more enjoyable for her audience.  Here are her basic needs:

Amplification with a hands-free mic; either lapel or headset.
PowerPoint access with presentation screen large enough for everyone to see.
A lectern (speaker's stand for notes etc.)  
A volunteer to meet her at the door, to help schlep stuff from the car into the building, to help set up on platform, help to break down and schlep stuff back out of the building and to the car and to help with any questions along the way.

Q: What is the normal speaking fee?

Linda charges a flat fee for her presentations however; she makes accommodations for small groups, churches, or those with limited funds.  She is comfortable accepting what is reasonable and customary for the organization and makes allowances in her schedule for them on a limited basis.

Q: Is there a size limit for the audience?

The bigger the better!  Linda interacts with her audience and responds to their specific needs.  Your audience will have a more enjoyable experience with lots of people, interaction and responses.  Linda is known for her energetic and exuberant presentations that involve her audience which brings her presentation to life and generates inspiration that translates to lasting change. 

Q: How long is each presentation?

The length varies according to the needs of the group.  In most cases, Linda's presentations are 45 minutes to an hour depending upon audience involvement and an open Q&A period.

Q: What are the topics?

Linda is a decluttering and organizing expert so, that's where she really shines so, that's what she talks about!  She learns as much as she can about her audience and customizes what she knows about organizing and clutter to meet the specific needs of listeners.