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Keep. Toss. Donate

February 14, 2017
Experts offer advice on how to declutter your home LIZ DENNERLEIN@lizdennerlein Linda Ely believes there are two types of organizers in this world:... Read more

Where to Start

January 24, 2016
When organizing an area, begin with what's out on surfaces. It gives you an immediate feeling of accomplishment and it gives you room to take the... Read more

Letting Go of Things

January 24, 2016
In organizing 'letting go' is often associated with letting go of a thing, some kind of clutter.  But, truth told, there are many levels of letting... Read more

Stuff Happens; Don’t let it

January 24, 2016
Why Does Stuff happen in our homes?  Because stuff happens in life, that’s why.  We tend to hang onto stuff that becomes clutter when we’ve... Read more