No one throws away your stuff

No one throws away your stuff but you.  No professional organizer (or anybody else) has the right to throw away your stuff.  We don't throw away (or donate/give away) anything; you do.  We don't pressure you to either.  We might make recommendations but, you can take them or leave them.  We want your success.  The only way you will own your decluttering process is if you have complete control over it.  We can certainly set up a list of criteria and sort on your behalf but, you are the final judge.  Can we throw stuff away?  Yes, with your approval.  Can we drag stuff to donation centers for you?  Yes, with your approval.

Nothing, absolutely nothing leaves your home without your approval and permission.  We can even schedule stuff to be thrown/given away at a later date; giving you time to claw items back if you have any doubts whatsoever.  We want your progress to be sure, confident, permanent and with no regrets.