Shame is short lived

Nobody wants anybody to see any of their dirty laundry or clutter; nobody!!  We've learned that shame is very short lived.  You've already taken the toughest step; asking for help.  Once you open the door, the rest is easy, really. 

Here are a few things to comfort you.  We all have clutter; ALL of us, even professional organizers.  If they say they don't, they're lying!  If they're not lying, you probably don't want to work with them anyway!  It's hard to believe they will be able to have the compassion to gently lead you through your process.  Another reason is; we've seen it all; and don't care!  If anything, it inspires and challenges us.  We love what we do or we wouldn't be doing it.  And best of all!  We've probably 'been there, done that' and been just as embarrassed.  In a few short minutes you'll be at ease and ready to begin taking control over your stuff.